Forgiving Walmart, cont.

Can you stick with me for one more story in the Walmart saga? I think this will likely be the last of them.

Yesterday, I gave up – at least for now – on getting a copy of my friend Jerel’s book Spirit Fighter from Walmart. But I made peace with the store after a surprisingly good customer service experience with them.  Continue reading

Forgiving Walmart

If you had asked me back in February when I started this blog whether Walmart would be a hot topic on my blog someday, I would have laughed. But love the big-box store or hate it, you haven’t been shy about sharing your opinion.

To respond to Chris’ request to see some of the email and Facebook responses to last week’s post, I’m adding a sample here. I had meant to share the email I got from a close friend giving detailed advice to forgive Walmart. Her answer was the one that moved me the most. But not everyone encouraged breaking the ban. You’ll see that there’s a pretty sharp division:  Continue reading

A tale of three Walmarts

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. … Oh, right. That’s been done already. Do you mind if I tell you about my day instead?

Thanks to those of you who commented on last week’s post about jealousy. At the end of that post, I asked for advice about whether to break a 14+ year ban of Walmart to buy Jerel Law’s new (first) book there. Walmart has exclusive rights to carry the book for 90 days, and I found out from Jerel’s blog that it may be April of next year before the book is available elsewhere.

Several of you who emailed me or posted a comment said I should forgive Walmart and go buy the book. So today, I drove to Walmart to break my ban. I left empty-handed.  Continue reading

Defeating the green-eyed monster

I promised in last week’s post to talk with you about jealousy today. But first, would you mind a quick update? Both twigs of the baby elm tree have already sprouted new leaves, and I’m hopeful the wire cage and the Irish Spring soap, along with the beginnings of some lovely fall weather, will all keep that little tree thriving.

Let’s take a look at where that little tree is growing:

^ The little tree is growing right there …
in the shadow of its much larger parent tree.

You really can’t even see the little tree, can you? It’s so small and easy to miss. If you get down to the tree’s level, here’s what you’ll see:  Continue reading