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I wrote my first book when I was six years old (complete with hand-drawn illustrations and masking tape binding). The Snowy Day came to life as I took a break from playing in the snow one winter day. Hot chocolate, snow clothes drying by the fire, scrap paper and pencil in hand (I was still too young for pen).

I was hooked. Ever since, I have loved writing.

I got my first typewriter when I was eight years old, and the first article I typed on it was a story about the Mount St. Helens eruption. I have no idea what happened to that article, but it’s probably tucked away in a closet somewhere with that old blue typewriter.

Now I’m making a career of freelance writing. You won’t usually find me hunched over a laptop at a coffee shop. I still love pen and paper and prefer to write that way first and then turn to the computer when it’s time to start editing a draft. But for the sake of efficiency, I find myself writing more and more on my computer at home. At least I have a great view of trees from the window!

I began The Flourishing Tree blog in 2011 as a way to connect with readers about the ways we cultivate bountiful lives that please God. Thanks for reading … and please join the conversation with your own stories of how your life is a flourishing tree.

Thanks and blessings,
Hope Squires
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6 thoughts on “About the author

    • Thanks for stopping by! It’s always great to find another tree-obsessed person. Aside from being lovely in their own right, trees do provide a great metaphor for life, don’t they?

  1. I am sure that the fact you are always listening to wonderful music makes your literary journey all the more enjoyable!

    • Thanks, Mardi. Music is an integral part of my journey and it often shapes the way my life flourishes, even when I don’t notice its effect on me. I’m glad you share my love of music, too, especially since you have supplied so much of it to the collection my husband and I have. 🙂

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