Defeating the green-eyed monster

I promised in last week’s post to talk with you about jealousy today. But first, would you mind a quick update? Both twigs of the baby elm tree have already sprouted new leaves, and I’m hopeful the wire cage and the Irish Spring soap, along with the beginnings of some lovely fall weather, will all keep that little tree thriving.

Let’s take a look at where that little tree is growing:

^ The little tree is growing right there …
in the shadow of its much larger parent tree.

You really can’t even see the little tree, can you? It’s so small and easy to miss. If you get down to the tree’s level, here’s what you’ll see:  Continue reading

Time for Irish Spring

No … Ireland hasn’t relocated to the southern hemisphere. It’s just entering autumn at this time of year. But this week, I realized it was time …

What do you remember most about this soap’s commercials?

Now, before you get really worried, I do shower regularly, and I use a less pungent soap than Irish Spring. But do you know where Irish Spring can be quite useful? In the garden.  Continue reading