Llamas for Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. I hope it’s a beautiful day wherever you are.

Because life is so different right now, and our usual springtime activities curtailed, I thought I’d try to bring you some llama joy to celebrate Earth Day.

My husband and I got to visit these llamas in early January on a clear, crisp day. We hiked with them, fed them snacks, and delighted in seeing the young llamas run with schoolyard abandon.


If you visit the foothills of North Carolina—once Covid-19 social distancing restrictions lift, of course—you can trek with these llamas and visit the winery whose wines carry the llamas’ names. The llama treks are limited and sell out months in advance. I highly recommend the trek, and the wine is pretty tasty, too.

This Earth Day, what is one habit you might change to help make the planet a better place for these llamas, for all other living creatures, for the health of the planet itself?

4 thoughts on “Llamas for Earth Day

    • It’s so much fun and a really beautiful place to visit. Children under 10 years old aren’t allowed on the treks, but they can visit the farm and see the llamas. Children under 5 visit for free.

  1. Thank you, Hope, for the information about this Vineyard and the sweet Llama pics! What a cool experience! I think Llamas are absolutely adorable and the Vineyard looks beautiful – it is something we will definitely check out.

    Last fall, during our school-wide Garden Day, we invited a local Llama farmer come talk to the kids about Llama poo for the garden and how nutritious it is as fertilizer. Of course, the kids loved it; especailly because they got to say, touch and smell poo (which, doesn’t smell bad – just earthy) and we as teachers learned a lot, too. So maybe I will make it my Earth Day goal to use more local Llama poo in my garden!!! = ) = ) = )

    • The wonderful folks at Divine Llama call it “Llama beans” — which tickles me. It supposedly does make a great fertilizer! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Your school’s Garden Day sounds wonderful.

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