The anvil and the angel

Last week, I shared with you some tree signs at a park near my house.

At first, someone tucked a little angel under a tree.


Several days—or maybe a week or two later (who can keep track right now?)—the angel found a more prominent home.


I saw the angel glinting in the setting sun, sitting atop an anvil on a monument in the park. For the first time, I wondered why an anvil topped the monument.


One side of the memorial held the answer:

“God forges us on an anvil of adversity for a purpose known only to Him. That is the way He prepares us for life.” – JE Broyhill

Wow, I thought, an anvil of adversity. I think most of us can relate to that statement more now than ever, to that feeling of being in a hard place where we don’t want to be. Wouldn’t it feel better to slide right off that anvil and go about life as we knew it before COVID-19?

But perhaps we can look at that bright angel atop the anvil and think of ways God is with us, preparing us for life after the virus. I’m glad the angel is there. It’s a reminder that the anvil isn’t the final answer.

Maybe that little angel can help us feel less alone. And maybe it can be the spark, the encouragement we need to find ways to come through this experience kinder, more willing to help others, more ready for whatever God has planned for us.

If you’d like support for the adversity you’re facing now, I’d be honored to lift you up in prayer. Just leave your request in the comments below. Be well, my friends.

10 thoughts on “The anvil and the angel

  1. I was looking for this quote as I read it in the park and my Dear cousin Amy died today at 2:00 p.m. after battling covid in hospital for six weeks.She was a kind person with no mean bones in her body.She was a peacemaker and would give you anything…She was an angel…
    She left behind a husband daughter and son and grand child.
    My sister and were hospitalized with covid and survived and have no children but our cousin who did have children that needed her dies. If you believe in GOD then nothing is random …Why…
    We will all find out when we cross the rainbow bridge…

    • Alison, I’m so glad you dropped by. It’s always nice to hear when a message resonates with someone, and even more so, when it makes you think of a friend. We’re all in this together!

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