Our nearest neighbors

My husband and I have had bird feeders up since winter, but right now feels like an especially magical time for watching birds. Spring migration and nesting have brought new birds to our backyard, and in the last few weeks, hummingbirds have returned.

Before I share a few photos with you of our nearest neighbors these days, I wanted to alert you to an important birding day coming up this Saturday, May 9: Global Big Day. On Global Big Day, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has asked all of us across the globe to spend a little time bird watching and reporting.

If you can spare even a few minutes—either staring out your window or walking around somewhere outside—the lab would like for you to report what birds you see and hear. Their site also provides wonderful resources to help you identify birds, in case you’re not exactly sure what you’re seeing.

Now for some birds!


Our male cardinal comes at dusk each evening and sings to his lady to remind her that it’s time for dinner.


She’s never far behind. Isn’t she a beauty?


A female Ruby-throated Hummingbird likes to pose for us.


The male prefers to eat and fly. (Note: this feeder is red glass. You don’t need to add red food coloring to attract hummingbirds, and it’s healthier for them if you don’t.)


One of our year-round Dark-eyed Juncos. I wonder how they feel about all the seasonal tourists crowding their favorite restaurants?


We have at least four male Rose-breasted Grosbeaks (along with some of their ladies) who have arrived in the last week. Sometimes, they eat peacefully alongside each other.


Other times they fight.

Do you have feeders in your yard? I’d love to hear what favorite birds are visiting you.

It’s also a good time to remember our hungry human neighbors, too. The need feels so overwhelming right now, but if you are able, please consider donating food or money to a food bank near you. Every little bit helps make a difference. Blessings, good healthy, and happy bird watching to you in the days ahead.

2 thoughts on “Our nearest neighbors

  1. One of the perks of working from home, in Florida, is that I spend 90% of my working day on my porch. I love learning the routines of the birds (some song birds here but mostly wading birds in the adjacent lake). Today I had a vireo in the bushes right beside me for a long time. Earlier in the work from home period the warblers were passing through on their way north…but they’re all gone. And about two weeks ago a flock of cedar waxwings (maybe 30) rested in one of our trees before moving north. Lately, a swallow-tail kite has been surveying the lake…amazing that he winters in Brazil!

    • How wonderful! It’s amazing to think of birds coming all the way from Brazil, isn’t it? And it must have been fun to see the flock of cedar waxwings. How long did they stay? On my visits to Florida, I always enjoy seeing so many interesting birds that we don’t get up here, especially the wading birds. Enjoy! Sounds like you’re in a beautiful place to work from home.

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