Boston strong

I’m fighting a really nasty cold—the kind that keeps you up most of the night and turns one whole side of your body into a big painful knot after coughing yourself awake too many times to count. I want to take a sick day here at The Flourishing Tree, but I also didn’t want the news of the day to go by without comment.

So if you want some words today about what a guilty verdict on all 30 counts means to this runner girl, take a look back at the words I wrote the day after the bombings two years ago. Or revisit my prayer for Boston 2014, which I’ll pray all over again in less than two weeks—because some wounds take longer to heal, and some prayers need praying again.

My Twitter feed is full of Boston and #BostonStrong today, and my favorite set of tweets comes from @OnlyInBOS (thanks to my sweet husband for bringing these to my attention):

BostonStrong Tweets_2015

“Evil may disrupt the race but can never win it.”

@OnlyinBOS goes on to ask for help focusing on those murdered instead of the man declared guilty today, to get the names of the dead to trend worldwide on Twitter. I’ll do my part in remembrance of them today so that we can all lift up the family and friends who still mourn the senseless loss of these four young lives:

Martin Richard

Krystle Campbell

Lu Lingzi

Sean Collier

And once I’m feeling stronger myself, I’ll be back with a story of some awe-inspiring runners. We runners are a resilient bunch. We may not all be fast enough to qualify to run Boston, but our hearts beat #BostonStrong.