Day 7: Beauty in a broken world

Going to new places to see beautiful sights is one of the things I miss most about the pandemic. So today, I’m sharing a remembrance from a past trip. When we lived in California, my husband and I made the trek to Daffodil Hill, a place full of daffodils and peacocks. We arrived to a “Closed for the season” sign.

A peacock keeps its eye on me.

I snapped a few photos from the fence along the road, and though we told ourselves we’d come back the next year, we didn’t. And then, in 2019, Daffodil Hill permanently closed. A CNN article about the closure cited overtourism.

Those of us living in touristy places during a pandemic can relate probably all too well to this concept. (But that’s more about the brokenness of the world, and less about the beauty of it, and so let me focus back on the peacocks.)

Peacocks seem almost unreal to me. The imagination that went into creating such a bird and the sheer luminous beauty of it, well, it all leaves me speechless.

Join me in the hunt for beauty?
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