A letter to high school graduates

Two very special young people in my life have just graduated from high school. Both are heading away to college – one across the country after spending two years at a boarding school near home and the other, a five-hour drive from home, his first time leaving the nest.

Because there’s so much I’d like to say to them and never enough time with them sitting still to listen, I’ve decided to write a letter to them here. If it resonates with you, share it with the young people in your life. I also invite you to add your own thoughts and advice for high school grads in the comments section.

Dear Z & K, (and M and C and A and all the rest of you!)

I have absolutely loved watching you grow up – from the days I held you held you as newborns to now, when it’s a quick hug and you’re gone. You have grown into a strength and beauty and brilliance that shines on all those around you.  Continue reading