Day 19: Beauty in a broken world

Sunrise ushers in not only a new day but also the promise of a new us. Each morning, we have a chance to continue forging a good habit or abstaining from a bad one. We have a fresh start on chasing our dreams and transforming ourselves into the people we hope to become.

As the sun rises, I can hear birds singing, and across a wide expanse of this mountain where I stand, I hear woodpeckers signaling to each other as they hammer out their messages against tree trunks.

Scientists have theorized that birds joining in the dawn chorus may be letting others, especially potential mates, know, “I’m still here. I made it through the night.” Perhaps its the same for people. I get up early to capture a sunrise, and in some small way, I’m also saying to you, “I’m still here. I made it through the night.”

Join me in the hunt for beauty?
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