Favorites on Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to my U.S. friends and family. I hope your grocery shopping is done, and if not, may the parking spaces be close and the lines be short.

For those of you following along with my NaNoWriMo updates, this past week was the toughest so far. The words didn’t flow, and neither did the ink (several more pens are done). Not counting what I wrote yesterday—a decent writing day—that I still need to type up, I’m at 29,546 words.

I’m hoping for a productive writing afternoon, and then this evening, I’ll be making my mother’s cranberry relish for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner with friends.

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or having an ordinary day in some other part of the world, I hope you have a great day.

I’ll leave you with a few favorites from the week:


A hummingbird’s Thanksgiving feast

If I had all the time in the world, I’d sit by the window and capture the perfect hummingbird photo. These will have to do in the meantime.


This one is very shy and hides on the other side of the feeder.

For the final photo, here’s a Thanksgiving feast item I’m always grateful for: pumpkin pie I can actually eat. This year’s is also gluten free, and so we’ll see if this is the last year I try a store-bought pie. I really should just learn to make my mother’s recipe without the eggs.


What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? And what else are you grateful for this year?

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