Winter roses

We’ve had a recent cold snap, and though last week I may have poked gentle fun at rainy day behaviors out here in California, I have to make fun of myself this week. I am quickly losing my tolerance for cold.

Monday’s cold weather brought a bitter wind, and all I wanted to do was hide inside—after a morning run, of course. I have to dust off the winter running clothes every now and then, right?

It was cold here over Christmas, too, and when I returned from balmy North Carolina after the holidays, I knew I had to tackle a winter gardening chore: pruning the roses. (Not my favorite gardening activity, I’ll confess.) I left three stems taller than the rest because small buds graced them, and I hoped they might bloom, despite freezing temperatures in December.

One bud finally began to open within the last week. So I cut all three buds to bring inside and finished the pruning chores.


To me, this is the exact color of dusty rose

The winter rose’s petals are already beginning to scatter on the counter, and I’ll have to say farewell soon. But the rose has brought me much joy this week, its fragrance and beauty an unexpected (yet hoped for) delight.

February isn’t my favorite month, but I couldn’t have asked for a more cheerful way to usher it in. The rose is a promise that the world is still awake and still at work. Even on the cold, dreary, blustery days.

The winter rose is also a hint of beautiful things to come. And who couldn’t use good news like that right about now?


A beautiful rose bud, even if it doesn’t open

What parts of this winter have brought you joy, delight, hope?

Next Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. Instead of giving up something this season, I’d like to add more prayer time to my daily routine. Look for more about my plan next week, but in the meantime, if you have a prayer request you’d like me to include in my daily conversations with God, please fill out the form, or—if it’s a less private request—feel free to post it in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “Winter roses

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  2. I am currently enjoying the blooming daphne ( I love their scent) and hellborous flowers in my back yard. I would like to add more prayer time throughout my day and spend time with homeless women and children at the local shelter in downtown Raleigh, NC. I met a sweet family while I was working downtown.

    • Oh, Michele — Daphne and Lenten Roses (hellebores) are also a delight in winter. You have such a kind heart, and I know your time at the shelter will be a blessing — for the women and children, and also for you.

  3. Camellias! Such a joy to see their colorful bloom on those cold, grey winter days!

    As for prayers requests; I’m thinking mankind in general could use some powerful prayer and quiet reflection time right now. = )

    I love your idea of adding more prayer time instead of the traditional Lent sacrifice! I may jump on your coattails and make a ‘Lent Resolution” too. = )

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