Fun for a rainy day

I can think of nothing I’d rather do on a cold, rainy Saturday morning than curl up under a warm blanket with a hot cup of tea nearby and while away the time reading. From the weather forecast, it sounds like a lot of us may be spending the day inside, and so I thought I’d share some of my favorite blog reads with you as a bonus post this week.

Earlier this week, I was honored with a blog award by a fellow blogger (the best kind of award comes from our compatriots, right?), and though I don’t usually play along with blog awards because they remind me a bit too much of chain letters and ask me to answer questions that might show up as the security questions for my online commerce sites, getting an award always makes me feel a little happier, like someone has taken time to give me a little pat on the back. So I thought I would take some time today to pass along some blog love.

After all, it gives me a chance to say thanks to the bloggers who entertain me, encourage me, make me think, make me workout harder or smarter, and make me laugh, too. Who knows, you may find a new favorite among the list.

So with no strings attached, here’s a list of blogs I enjoy that you might, too.

First, a big thanks to Julia, who nominated me for the award. She’s 17 (!) and a self-described budding author. I’m all about encouraging the next generation of writers. So be sure to check out her blog.

Christian living/theology/family
I spend a lot of my blog-reading time with stories about living a life of faith. Here are a few of my favorites that fall into this category.

  • Mere Inklings – Retired military chaplain and CS Lewis aficionado (need I say more?)
  • Tracey Finck blogs about books, family and a contemplative way of life.
  • I love Wynn Grace Appears‘ Lenten letter-writing series.
  • You’ll find a fun mix of prayer ideas, thoughts on family and crafts anyone can make at Distracted by Prayer.
  • Need a reminder that every day with your family can be a celebration? Check out The Celebrated Family.
  • If adoption is part of your family story, check out one mom’s take on the struggles and joys of raising adopted children: In Pursuit of a Toolbox.
  • In Thoughts from an American Woman, you’ll find tales of inspiration and humor in the mundane details of life as told by a cancer survivor, housewife and Army mom.

Turning lemons into lemonade
Not all girls jilted at the altar turn into Miss Havisham. In Crazy Train to Tinky Town, you’ll meet a woman who has seized the opportunity to transform her life.

Art and photography (and travel)
You know how much I love photography and art and stories of place. Well, these blogs often combine all three. There’s photography, poetry, darn good story telling and an invitation into places I will likely never see in my lifetime but am grateful to share via these blogs.

Does it surprise you that I search out other blogs about trees. In addition to some of the great photography sites mentioned above, here’s a site I enjoy for its photos and for its explanations and instructions about all things trees: CLC Tree Services (My favorite recent post is the Valentine’s day one).

Running and fitness (and food as a reward for running and fitness)

  • There’s nothing like following up a plank challenge with a recipe for something scrumptious that only encourages the need for more planks, more running or other strenuous workouts. Check out the challenges and the treats (many of them vegan – yay!) Jenny and Tina offer up at We Shall Have Pie.
  • Looking for a little inspiration while you run and a reason to get your kids out running, too? Check out the blog at Believe I Am is a business founded by two professional runners, Roisin McGettigan and Lauren Fleshman, and while you can buy some cool things from the site, I think Believe I Am’s blog is even cooler for the inspiration it offers.

Book reviews/reading/literature

  • In Reading through the BS, Emily calls books like she sees them. Today’s post describes a book that fell into her 50 page fail category, and it made me laugh. We don’t always agree about books, but I love reading her reviews.
  • I started this post with a shout-out to a young writer. This last blog is written by a mother/daughter duo (whom I happen to know and admire). The daughter is 11 years old and has already created a successful blog presence for herself. They review all kinds of children’s and young adult books at 2girlslostinabook.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these blogs I’ve mentioned. And if you have a shout-out for your own favorite blog, let me know that, too. Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “Fun for a rainy day

  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I am honored that you enjoy my writing. I am so far behind on things from being ill again, but I will thank you properly and check out the sites you recommend. God bless you ~ Patty

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