Day 26: Beauty in a broken world

Zipping along my daily walks, I can easily miss the beauty that surrounds me. This month’s blog series has forced me to slow down, intentionally looking for beauty I might otherwise overlook. One reward for this habit of observation revealed itself in glass ornaments hanging from a tree in a friend’s front yard.

Yellows, reds, oranges, greens, and purple swirl through this glass bauble.

Without this project, I don’t know that I would’ve taken the time to truly notice them or fully appreciate the vibrancy they add to my friend’s yard while we all wait for more flowers to bloom. And it makes me wonder what else I miss in my busyness and distraction and haste.

Join me in the hunt for beauty?
Where do you see beauty in a broken world? Want to add your own images during what’s left in the 31-day journey? If so, feel free to comment below with your Instagram handle, and tag your Insta posts with #beautyinabrokenworld. You’ll find me there @pixofhope.

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