Day 20: Beauty in a broken world

Today marks the vernal equinox, the first day of spring (though some of you may have celebrated the start of meteorological spring at the beginning of the month). From some of the photos you’ve shared on social media and from stories you’ve told me, many of you live in a place where spring flowers have been blooming for weeks. I’m still waiting for my daffodils to bloom, though several neighbors have open daffodils already.

What animal sightings conjure up spring for you? For me, one such animal is the rabbit.

A cottontail stays still until I glance down at my camera.

While cottontail rabbits don’t hibernate, spring makes them more active, at least at times when I’m outside to notice them. I see them hopping about and begin to think of the Easter Bunny.

I believed in the Easter Bunny for a much longer time than most other childhood institutions (second only to the Tooth Fairy) because it never occurred to me that Dad would drive home during Sunday School to hide Easter eggs and then drive back to church to bring us home. Perhaps it’s my fondness for our family’s Easter traditions that makes me look for rabbits with joy in the spring. And perhaps because not much is blooming yet, the rabbits haven’t yet frustrated me with their garden dining habits.

Join me in the hunt for beauty?
Where do you see beauty in a broken world? Want to add your own images during the 31-day journey? If so, feel free to comment below with your Instagram handle, and tag your Insta posts with #beautyinabrokenworld. You’ll find me there @pixofhope.

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