Day 8: Beauty in a broken world

Having a friend come to your door bearing gifts in a time of crisis is never to be taken lightly. And if that person comes to your door during a pandemic, the friend is an even greater treasure. A woman whom I knew only a little before the start of the pandemic, but who has become a dear friend through the course of the last year, recently brought these beautiful roses to my door. The beauty of the gift and the friendship of the giver carried me through a challenging time.

A beautiful gift from a friend

Have you had friends—or perhaps even a stranger—show up in surprising or unexpected ways during this past year? Have you shown up for a loved one in such a way? As the pandemic drags on, I invite you to look for ways to show up, even if that means showing up virtually through a text or a phone call or an email or a letter. Your simple act of showing up can be a precious gift.

Join me in the hunt for beauty?
Where do you see beauty in a broken world? Want to add your own images during the 31-day journey? If so, feel free to comment below with your Instagram handle, and tag your Insta posts with #beautyinabrokenworld. You’ll find me there @pixofhope.

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