Day 6: Beauty in a broken world

Friends’ better-established gardens hold more early signs of spring than my garden, but they inspire me with plants I may want to add to my yard some day. I have always loved pussy willows and was delighted a few days ago to notice one in bloom.

Pussy willows against a perfect blue sky

I’m not sure whether I’ll ever plant one. They love wet soil (I have pockets of that around the yard), but they also have invasive roots, a drawback in my mind. Perhaps you’ve had luck growing pussy willows? If so, I hope you’ll let me know.

Join me in the hunt for beauty?
Where do you see beauty in a broken world? Want to add your own images during the 31-day journey? If so, feel free to comment below with your Instagram handle, and tag your Insta posts with #beautyinabrokenworld. You’ll find me there @pixofhope.

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