Welcome backyard guests

My husband set up backyard bird feeders this winter, and we’ve had a steady stream of gray birds: juncos, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches. While I’m happy to see them visit the feeders, I’ve been missing the splash of red of cardinals.

Finally, on a miserable winter’s day, I glanced outside and saw that yearned-for color.


A male cardinal waiting near the feeder


She braces in the wind and snow.

Our feeder isn’t ideal for cardinals. I hadn’t realized the perch arms were too short for them. But every so often now, the cardinals pay us a visit. Because the juncos and nuthatches spit out other seeds looking for their favorites, the cardinals don’t leave hungry.

I’ll have to add another feeder, though, as I want these favorite winter guests to feel welcome.

What winter guests do you long to welcome to your home?

4 thoughts on “Welcome backyard guests

  1. Thank you Hope!! We love cardinals too! Just makes me smile!! A cup of tea while I read the Word and listen to the morning sounds! So peaceful and such a reminder of the One who watches and waits for us…to turn to Him. He is always there and will never leave. Oh to be more like Him, everyday. That touch and sweet embrace prompted by His whisperings over our shoulder, coaxing us to turn and face Him and experience Him in His fullness so we can be love to those around us. Love with skin on, offering a smile, a gentle and strong needed hand, speaking words of life, making conversation…or just listening… together. Just being available, speaks love.💕 Happy Valentine’s! You are greatly loved!

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