A spot of magic in the woods

While I was away, two artists created a magical sculpture in the woods of Umstead State Park. It won’t come as any surprise to regular visitors to the blog that this place would be at the top of my must-see list when I came home.

So on a beautiful day, when the new leaves on the trees sparkled silver green, my dog and I journeyed out to find it.

Green beauty along the trail

I could see it from a distance, this fallen tree transformed into art.

The remaining root ball has beautiful color to it.

I tried not to let the whole “snakiness” of the sculpture bother me, especially because I could see other animals peeking out where the eye and nostril of the snake would be.

The piece as a whole is delightful, but the real magic is in the details.

A rabbit looks ready to spring.

Foxes hang out, enjoying sun and shade.

My dog couldn’t quite figure out why we were spending so much time here. She approached the art more gently than some. There’s a sign by the sculpture now asking people not to climb it because they’re destroying the carvings.

Fox and hound?

My favorite details were the birds among branches and leaves.

Owls and a squirrel


If you visit Umstead State Park, go visit this spot of magic. There are several ways to get to the sculpture, depending on how much of an adventure you want. I took the most direct route. If you’re unsure, stop at the visitor center from the main park entrance off Glenwood Avenue. They have a park map, and the rangers will give you a little card with additional directions to the sculpture. They’re understandably proud of it and happy to show it off.

Whether you live nearby and can visit this wonderful sculpture, or live far away, I encourage you to get out and explore. There’s magic to be found wherever you roam.

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