A final love letter to the river

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind, and I anticipate additional frenzy for another few weeks as our move back across the country happens. I’m saying goodbye to the river this week, along with all the birds and other wildlife the river attracts.

To say goodbye—even typing these words—brings a lump to my throat and the threat of tears. I have loved this place: the American River and its banks. And the river’s last surprise for me (one I first shared with you in January) has brought some of my most cherished memories:

The sea lion visits the river by the fish hatchery.

Crossing the weir posts at the fish hatchery to head toward the dam

Oblivious to fishermen on the banks, and free of the currents around the weir posts, the sea lion speeds toward the dam.

One of the first mornings I saw the sea lion, a woman too busy on her cell phone walked right by the sea lion splashing in the river. Another missed the sea lion because she refused to believe me when I asked if she had seen it. “We don’t get those here,” she said, with a tone that suggested I was the stupidest person she had ever met.

May I encourage you, wherever you live, to take some quiet moments to see and listen for what’s going on around you? Find a way to keep the world from crowding out the delights and surprises nature has in store. And always keep an open mind about the possibility of unexpected guests.

7 thoughts on “A final love letter to the river

  1. The river will miss you and Harper’s daily walks! I’ll miss seeing you pass by as you and Harper head out for the river! May these travels back hope be a time of happiness, excitement and inner peace and soon you will be “home” to begin your new chapter in life! God’s speed, care and love to you Squires family! I’m getting a lump in my throat just righting this!!!! It’s never “good-bye” but until we see each other again! I will miss your presence in Fair Oaks! Hugs to you and Chris with wishes for a safe journey.

    • Thank you, Phyllis! I will miss you, too, more than I can express here. You and your family have been such a blessing to us, and we look forward to many future visits with you — from coast to coast, mountains to sea, canyons to Boylston St. Wherever our paths may cross again, know that we will always welcome seeing you!

  2. Hope~

    I’ll miss you so much! I hope you’re always surprised by unexpected delights. 🤗

    Keep in touch.


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