When your eyes are thirsty for clear, blue water

Are you a beach person? I used to be but am now firmly in the “mountain” camp. That doesn’t mean I don’t crave being near water, though. Sometimes, my eyes just need to drink in clear, blue water.

As my husband and I prepared for our recent trip to Tahoe, my dad wanted to know, “Is the water still deep blue?” He and Mom made an epic road trip out west almost five decades ago, and he still remembers Tahoe’s blueness.

So this post is mostly for him, and for any of the rest of you who wonder the same about Tahoe from time to time. And for those of you whose eyes ache from too much smoke or too much mud from too many natural disasters these last few months. It’s also for you if you simply need to sit and stare at beautiful blue water for a few minutes but can’t take the time for a road trip.

Emerald Bay early on a Saturday morning

The smoke hovers above blue Lake Tahoe.

Overlooking Emerald Bay one afternoon

A beach empty of runners who began their half marathon at this spot. After they left, it was quiet enough for me to hear the water lapping the shore.

Tahoe looks stunning from the lawn of the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion (Sugar Pine Point State Park).

Learn more about beautiful Sugar Pine Point State Park (and maybe plan a visit?).

I was amazed at the clarity of the water, despite its crashing against the rocky banks.

The finish area of Sunday’s races. Several intrepid runners waded in. I did not.

If you drive in California for any length of time, you’re bound to see bumper stickers with an outline of the lake and the admonition: Keep Tahoe Blue. I hope we can keep it blue, so that five decades from now, I can ask young people traveling to Tahoe, “Is the water still deep blue?” And their answer will be yes. May the answer always be yes.

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