A bouquet of Aloha

I’m traveling today but wanted to share some Hawaiian flowers (and other vegetation with you). I hope this virtual bouquet brightens your day.

An arrangement at a restaurant on Maui

Orchid and shell leis (Maui)

A plant growing on the grounds of our hotel in Kauai

Detail of bougainvillea (hotel grounds on Kauai)

Bird of Paradise (hotel grounds, Kauai)

Plumeria (hotel grounds, Kauai)

You can find many of the flowers below at McBryde Garden on Kauai. I highly recommend touring it, but bring insect repellant. We did the self-guided tour and enjoyed it but would have also liked an opportunity to ask questions. If we ever get to go back, we’ll probably opt for the guided tour for that reason.

Do you have a favorite from among today’s Hawaiian bouquet?

2 thoughts on “A bouquet of Aloha

    • I’m happy to have brought back fond memories of your own trip and can understand your desire to preserve the flowers you saw. I picked up a plumeria blossom from the parking deck steps at our hotel in Maui one day, and it rode around in the car with us for the whole day. I also kept our flower leis in the hotel room fridge to keep them fresh longer. It was hard to leave them behind.

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