Seen along the way

I’m traveling west today, sitting too long among strangers after spending several lovely days with family and friends.

A couple of weekends ago, I got to see one of my dearest friends and two of her children, now grown into amazing young women. We met in Napa and spent a fun day together.

Worried I’d get slowed down in traffic, I wanted to arrive at our first destination early. I hit traffic (of course) but still arrived with time to wander the gardens at our first stop. I thought you might enjoy wandering along with me for a few moments.

You know I love garden whimsy. Metal flower arrangements from old utensils, a tiny stick figure (does he look like he’s swinging or thinking of a dive?), rings, and floating squares.

The garden wasn’t all metal. In addition to a vineyard, roses grew in abundance, trained to go up pillars and spill over trellises.

When I get tired of sitting too long today, I’ll look at these photos and remember the slow meandering, the beautiful weather, the anticipation of a delightful visit with some of my favorite people in this whole, wide world.

Wherever your travels take you today, even if it’s just a routine day for you, remember: don’t sit too long. And cherish the moments you have with people you love.

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