Nature’s wild palette

I had a wonderful blessing two weeks ago when I got to accompany my husband on a trip to Southern California. He had to go there for work (far more scenic than some places he has to travel), and we were fortunate to tack on an extra day for a bit of rest and rejuvenation.

We started in Coronado and ended in Dana Point. As I loaded photos from the trip, the beautiful array of colors in the scenes, flora, and fauna struck me. What an amazing palette Nature has.

I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you today, with only a few words, so you can soak in the images and their colors.

Sunrise in Coronado

A Coral tree in bloom (Coronado)

A Black-crowned Night Heron (Dana Point)

I really think with so much blue and iridescence, this heron should be called a blue-crowned opal night heron, or something like that. Then again, black opals look mostly blue to me. This bird makes me want to take up painting again.

You may have heard of the super bloom in southern California from all the rain this winter. We got to see it first-hand:

Looking out at the Pacific from a nature preserve in Dana Point

A hummingbird (Rufous or Allen’s?) clings to a branch in the breeze. (Dana Point)

A magical lizard. Notice the lapis blue on its belly and aqua scales along its back. (Dana Point)

This last photo is my favorite because, before seeing it, I would have told you about the gray lizard that posed for me. I might have noticed a bit of iridescence along its back, but I would have told you it was all gray. Look at the spectacular blue of its belly, though. Again, if I could still paint, what fun it would be to try to capture those colors.

I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Wonderful are Your works,
And my soul knows it very well. —Psalm 139:14

Which of the photos above is your favorite? Do you have a favorite color in Nature’s palette? What surprising colors have you found in nature—either where you live or a place you’ve visited?

7 thoughts on “Nature’s wild palette

    • Thanks! I would have loved a few extra days after the work part was over, but the time we had was wonderful. Missed seeing you and some other dear friends!

    • Thanks, Barbara. It’s definitely a different kind of heron from the ones you or I might be used to seeing. I think herons are so graceful, and even this squat one looks beautiful and dignified.

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