God’s pen

I traveled back to southern humidity this past weekend, there for a family celebration. At one point, I saw this church sign. (My sweet husband drove back by it the next day so I could snap a picture.)


The sign’s message resonated with me, and I wanted to share it here in case it resonated with you. As a writer, my pen can carry God’s message to the world, but there’s more to this sign than just a word for writers. And there are more ways I can be God’s pen than only through my writing.

How can your life be God’s pen?

I’ve always loved reading church signs. Some provoke thought; others are silly. Some have questionable theology; others ring true. Some play with puns. Some simply welcome. Do you have a favorite church sign?

2 thoughts on “God’s pen

  1. One of my favorites – though it was really kind of sad – was in the NC mountains. It said something like “premillenial, fundamentalist, apostolic” . Laying it all out there right on the sign. Not too welcoming…

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