Honoring an uncaged bird


I didn’t want to let Maya Angelou’s death go by without honoring her here.

She had a profound influence on me: she helped me understand why the caged bird sings; she helped me see others with greater compassion; she helped me understand the burden of an untold story within my soul.

One of my dear friends shared this message yesterday about an opportunity lost with this phenomenal woman. Maybe it’ll encourage you to be a little braver today.

Rest in the peace. Soar now with God, Maya Angelou.

3 thoughts on “Honoring an uncaged bird

    • Happy to share your post! Thanks for writing it. The birdcage photo felt like a bit of serendipity. I had told my husband earlier in the day that I hoped to find an empty birdcage to photograph for this post. I didn’t expect to find this teeny one in a glass blower’s shop, of all places.

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