A gentle Fall

My mind hasn’t been quiet lately, and so today, I took a break from my normal routine to head outside, camera in hand, and see if I could capture some signs of our gentle Fall. I call it gentle, because it’s going to be in the 80s here today, and some of the trees are understandably confused.

It hasn’t been a beautiful fall yet, in part because nature’s confusion has browned some trees’ leaves already, bypassing their colorful stage this season. Other trees haven’t even considered giving up their summer green yet.

Regardless, my walk through the arboretum near my home left me with a renewed peace, a gentle spirit and a calm mind. I share this pictures with you to help you find your own gentle Fall. And if looking at the pictures doesn’t bring you peace, then I encourage you to head outside for your own adventure to find Fall’s gentle side.

An orange Fall beauty, tucked away at the edge of the arboretum

I love the yellow against blue here, and the hint of a wispy cloud

Hairy-awn muhly grass lines this path. It has to be Fall’s most delicate plant, as gentle as feathers.

Here the hairy-awn muhly grass veils a profusion of pale pink blooms, not typically a color I associate with Fall.

Another Fall pink surprise: pink American beautyberry

I needed to drink in the gentle babble of this fountain, and I love the rippled reflection in the water.

The clouds made the sky look like rippling water, too. I wonder if these clouds come with a babbling brook sound.

A butterfly, camouflaged for Fall


Deep colors of Fall. The nearby tag said Orange Blossom Special, but I don’t think it meant this plant. I’d love to know what it is. Any ideas?

I love the sunlight on the red leaves of this Virginia sweetspire

Maybe this golden larch is the “yellow wood” Frost referred to in his wonderful poem, “The Road Not Taken.” I find myself thinking of his poem especially as I meander through the paths of the arboretum.

I was drawn to the contrast of the deep purple and pale green but couldn’t look for a tag, discouraged by the gentle buzz of bees too numerous to count.

Which of these photos suggests gentle Fall to you?

4 thoughts on “A gentle Fall

  1. Your Mystery Orange Blossom Special makes me think of Christmas lights, but I don’t mean to rush the season. Thanks for the photo of the golden larch. I have never really had a mental image of Frost’s “yellow wood” before now. Glad for this one–and all your lovely photos. You have a great artistic eye. Thanks for sharing what you saw. It actually does make me feel peaceful and enriched.

    • Tracey — they do look a bit like Christmas lights, don’t they? I hadn’t even thought of that. Thanks for your kind words about my photography. There’s something very calming to me about going out into the world to look for nature’s art for my camera lens to capture. And I’m thrilled to have given you a mental image of Frost’s yellow wood.

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