The beauty all around

Those of you who have followed my blog for any length of time know that I’m an avid track and field fan, and so I’ve been pretty useless this week – an unusual couch potato-ness setting in thanks to the Olympics.

On Friday, in between the morning and afternoon sessions of track and field, I tore myself away from the TV and live Web streams to meet a friend at a nearby arboretum. The beauty that surrounded us as we walked and talked was breathtaking.

That beauty got me off the couch and out of the house yesterday – this time with camera in hand. So for today’s post, I’d like to share some images of the beauty I might have otherwise missed by spending too much time watching others run and throw and jump.

The grand promenade through the arboretum

The most intoxicating fragrance of the afternoon

A sign says, “Please keep off the gravel,” but I wished to be the person who gets to rake the gravel into concentric circles.

Painted glass makes even “The Necessary” a pretty place

Perhaps you, too, need a short break from the Olympics (or whatever else may be keeping you inside too much)? Do you feel encouraged to go outside? I hope you’ll let me know what beauty you notice all around you.

15 thoughts on “The beauty all around

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  2. Beautiful photographs! I especially love the bee and flower photo. We are in beautiful Colorado taking in much beauty. I need to spend more time at the arboretum…..

  3. Beautiful photos. I lover the bee flower picture. We are in Colorado taking in much beauty. Girls and I heading out on a hike soon. I need to spend more time at the arboretum…..

  4. Oh my goodness – the purple flower with the brown center is amazing! It’s simply perfect. Do you know what it is? I must have one for my garden! Thanks for sharing. = )

    • Jackie — I love that one too for its striking color and texture. It’s a purple passion flower of some sort. I often will take a picture of the flower’s tag when I don’t know what it is, but I didn’t do that with this one. I don’t know its scientific name.

      Definitely worth asking at your local nursery. My husband loves this one, too: “Very cool.” So I’ll be on the lookout for some to plant in my garden, too.

      • Looked up ‘purple passion flower’ on Google and found there are several beauties but none as lovely as your photo! I’m now on a quest to find one! = )
        I did learn that the plant gets its name because different parts of the flower were once said to represent a different part of the crucifixion story which is commonly known as the Passion.

        • How lovely to know that! Thanks for passing that along. I found some interesting samples on Google Images, and so I hope you’re able to find the perfect one for your garden.

      • The First Nations say it’s a blessing to come across a frog. And the Chinese say frogs bring good fortune, I think it’s true.

        • I believe a brief moment of joy is underrated. This business of “It’s ephemeral” comes from not seeming the beauty of the “Now”.

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