Celebrate Auntie’s Day this Sunday

Time for a bonus post for the week to let you know about Auntie’s Day this Sunday.

One of my very best friends reminded me that Sunday is Auntie’s Day. She’s a mom to four children (whom I consider honorary nieces and nephew), and she’s a fabulous friend, too.

If you’d like to know more about celebrating Auntie’s Day (with ecards and more), here’s the Savvy Auntie site. You can also click the graphic above, and it’ll take you to the site.

How will you celebrate? With an ecard or a real card or a phone call or a visit to your favorite aunt? If you’re an aunt, do your nieces and nephews even know about Auntie’s Day? (Feel free to send them a link to this post as a not-so-subtle hint about your special day.)

If any of you have especially fun celebrations this Sunday, I’d love to hear about them here. And whether your nieces and nephews honor you this weekend, I hope you’ll do a little something special to honor yourself. Because as the tagline of the Auntie’s Day promo says: “Aunthood is a gift.” Happy Auntie’s Day!


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