Spring things that make me go “Yay”

Today’s post title gives away my age a bit, as it’s inspired by Arsenio Hall’s “Things that make you go ‘Hmmm'” segment on his short-lived, late-night show back when I was coming of age.

After a mild winter, spring has come early and breathtakingly. So I wanted to share some of the things about spring that make me go “Yay.”

An azalea blazing in my front garden

The only ranunculus to come back for the third year

The first snapdragon to bloom this spring -- I love the fuzz on its buds.

I love, love, love snapdragons, and they perennialize for at least a few years at a time here. This is the third year (I think) that this particular set has come back. I’ll plant more this year to keep the rotation going. Their sea of scarlet makes me happy when I pull in to the driveway.

This slightly peach daffodil is one of the last of these early spring bloomers.

Unexpected joy from the little cherry tree that could

For those of you who have been following the blog for some time, you may remember my distress over this little cherry tree. My husband and I delighted in its leaves unfurling just a few days ago, and now … delicate pink blossoms have followed.

Even this? Yes, especially this.

Just hold on for a moment before you start humming, “One of these things doesn’t belong” When I say that this scene makes me go, “Yay,” what I mean is that I was running by this place this morning and literally yelled out “Yaaaaaay!!” when I saw this. (Why yes, I do think it was Yay with six A’s.)

You see, this patch of earth was the storage location for a company the city contracted with to put in new sewer pipes. The trailer and giant concrete rings first appeared here last August. And for the seven months, (seven months!) the construction crew has taken its sweet time tearing up street after street on my running route.

I had been temporarily optimistic last October when the pipe supply dwindled, only to have my hopes dashed with new inventory. But today, oh joy. No more trailer. No more concrete sewer pipes. Just bare brown earth, and then later, hay piled on top.

I knew I would be happy to see the construction project wrap up, but I didn’t realize the flood of relief and joy that would threaten to overwhelm me. I think I startled the driver of the bulldozer with my shout and grin as I ran by. It was an especially sweet run today.

What makes your heart happy?
How about you? Has spring sprung where you live? What about this season lifts your emotions and makes you go, “Yay”?

4 thoughts on “Spring things that make me go “Yay”

  1. That ranunculus is absolutely beautiful–I have never heard of or seen it before but it is just lovely. I have to admit–I love the blooms (although my family is all busy sneezing and wheezing from the pollen, but not me! yet!) but what I can smell is Spring Break–joy, joy, joy! And since we had no winter to speak of, we have not lost a single day to snow days and will have 10 consecutive days of no school! We are going camping in the Shenandoah and I can’t wait for a few days of traipsing through the woods, seeing new buds unfurl in shady spaces. And then, of course, once Spring Break is over, I can start to smell summer 🙂

    • Having been a teacher, I understand exactly how you feel — there’s such joy to be found in the promise of Spring Break, followed by just a few short (long?) weeks until school’s out for summer. Enjoy your camping trip!

  2. Love these fabulous pix, Hope! I’m smiling about my purple shamrocks popping out (even flowering already), lots of green shoots reappearing (day lily, canna lily, hosta, black-eyed susan), and a lollipop gerber daisy that wasn’t supposed to return but did!

    • Isn’t it such a delightful surprise when plants come back that weren’t supposed to? The white ranunculus wasn’t supposed to come back, either, and it makes me smile every year that it does. Enjoy your garden in this beautiful spring weather!

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