29 reasons to make the leap

Unless you’ve spent today under a rock, you probably know it’s leap day. You’ve probably heard people urging you to “Seize the day,” or do something different today.

If only we treated every day as leap day, a day to break out of our comfortable routine and shake things up a bit. No matter what day you actually get around to reading this, I’ve made a list of reasons to make the leap – into whatever you’ve been putting off, whatever you have wanted to do but lacked the courage to complete.

My reason is simple and selfish: I’ve been putting off migrating this blog over to WordPress, and I figured if I told you, my dear readers, about the move then I’d actually follow through with it. So next week (at least, I hope it’ll be ready by next week), visit my blog here to see news about the move and to find the new link. In the meantime, here’s the list of 29 reasons to leap. 

The first four are mostly a pep talk for me and a handful of friends who have considered migrating their blogs over, too, but the rest apply to any of you:

  1. One-way conversations are simply no fun (I know people who are all talk and no listen, and being around them is annoying, and I don’t want my blog to be like that un-fun). Plus, y’all have told me that commenting can be really frustrating or even downright impossible.
  2. WordPress will give the blog a cleaner look for readers using smart phones and tablets.
  3. I’ll be able to blog more easily from a tablet (yep – they make an app for that). So that means I can keep in touch with you more easily while I’m traveling or otherwise not chained to my desk.
  4. I’ll have more layout choices for the blog, which means it’ll be more fun – or at least easier – for you to read and navigate the blog.
  5. A leap like this can teach yet another small lesson about how to stop procrastinating. I believe this to be a lesson that will take a lifetime for me too learn, one that I won’t get it right until the last possible moment, and even then, I may try to find a way to put things off a bit longer.
  6. Leap year only happens once every four years – so take advantage of the extra day to try something adventurous.
  7. You won’t have to keep wondering, “What if …”
  8. You’ll gain a sense of accomplishment.
  9. You’ll gain a sense of peace.
  10. Leaps usually aren’t boring.
  11. It’s good to take your breath away from time to time.
  12. You can quote Emerson, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” Hobgoblin is just a fun word to say. Try saying it out loud to yourself right now. Does it make you smile a bit?
  13. After the leap, you’ll free up your mind to think about the next challenge.
  14. Leaps give you an interesting topic of conversation.
  15. They’re also a great reason to pray.
  16. And they’re an even better reason to ask others to pray along with you.
  17. Leaps can re-energize your mind.
  18. Impress your kids and set a good example for them. A friend posted the words to one of my favorite Avett Brothers songs on Facebook today, and I thought it fit perfectly with this: And I want to stand up and I want to stand tall/If I ever have a son, if I ever have a daughter/I don’t want to tell them that I didn’t give my all./ And I just want my life to be true/I just want my heart to be true/I just want my words to be true/I want my soul to feel brand, brand new.
  19. Impress your dog.
  20. Leaps give you something to crow – or tweet – about.
  21. Leaps can make your life better/easier/more exciting/richer (I don’t necessarily mean material wealth, here).
  22. A leap could make you a better friend/neighbor/expert.
  23. You’ll have a story to tell your grandkids one day.
  24. Your leap may bring a blessing to someone else.
  25. You might just learn something new.
  26. You’ll expand your options.
  27. You may discover a new calling.
  28. A leap could be the most exhilarating part of today.
  29. A leap may be God’s way of preparing you for an even greater leap – and maybe each subsequent leap will be less and less scary to you.

Whether the next few days find you trying to decide to move your blog, quit your job, jump across a stream during a 50-mile trail race, start a new church, start a new hobby, or start a big new chapter in your life … make the leap.

Legal disclaimer: I’m not encouraging you to try anything stupid, death-defying or death-enducing, but if you do something and don’t manage to defy death, your family and friends can’t sue me because of this list. However, if you follow my encouragement and moments of joy, freedom or even hilarity result, I hope you’ll share them by commenting below.

3 thoughts on “29 reasons to make the leap

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  2. I can picture your dog leaping through snow. We had rain today, and I've missed our usual one or two snow days of the season (but then again, I'm pretty happy that our bulbs are already up). I'll talk more next week about how to make sure you get email notices. In the meantime, here's the link to a number of WordPress' apps: http://en.support.wordpress.com/apps/ (you'll need to choose the one that's best for you).Definitely leap into bed to fight off that cold. Prayers that you'll feel better soon!

  3. We're leaping through 9 inches of snow here in Minnesota. My dog is really happy.Is there really an app for WordPress blogging? What's it called?Your list is very inspirational, but I think I'm going to leap into bed early to try to sleep off a cold. Can't wait to see your new blog next week. Will I still get email notices?

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