Follow-up photos for a friend

Hello, friends – don’t worry! I’ll be posting as usual tomorrow, but in the meantime, I wanted to post two pictures for a friend who has asked for follow-up photos from two posts. Ask and ye shall receive!

In Worries on the road less traveled, I mentioned my dog sporting her pack:

My pack dog, part chocolate lab, part Tasmanian devil

And in last week’s the blazing in of autumn, I shared a photo of a gorgeous fall tree. My friend wanted to see the less-than-ideal photo from the day before, and so here it is: 

Same tree, different light, windier day

I realize now – upon closer inspection – that the sun was out after all, but the tree looks washed out and isn’t reflecting in the more turbulent waters. Do you agree that it’s the lesser photo?

Come back tomorrow, when we return to regularly-scheduled programming.

2 thoughts on “Follow-up photos for a friend

  1. Glad you like the photos, Tracey! The backpack is a necessity for draining extra energy and giving the dog a job to do. Otherwise, she overflows with unwelcome energy. But — due to that boundless energy — she is a great dog to run and hike with.

  2. I agree this photo of the tree is less glorious. Light really does make a difference. Interesting to compare.And your dog is SO HANDSOME sporting his backpack. Quite the hiking companion:)

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