Tree signs: Hug a stranger

We’re four weeks in with the tree signs series. If you’ve missed any, don’t fret. You may read them in any order. Today’s sign is the first one I noticed while riding along the road with a neighbor, a new friend … Continue reading

Tree signs: Love never fails

Welcome to week three in the tree sign series. If you missed the first two, don’t worry. You may read them in any order. This week’s sign comes straight from the Bible—minus the exclamation points: Love never fails. –1 Corinthians 13:8a You … Continue reading

Tree signs: Kindness is free

There’s a road near me I especially like, not necessarily for its narrow lanes and twisty, windy curves but because trees surround and shade it so well. A well-shaded street seems like a rarity here, and so on especially hot days, this road … Continue reading